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Faculty Mentors

Humanities in Medicine

Barbara Gastel

Barbara Gastel, MD, MPH

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Medical Education

Barbara Gastel

Barbara Gastel, MD, MPH


Medical Physiology

Adam J Case

Adam J Case, PhD

Associate Professor
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Sanjukta Chakraborty

Sanjukta Chakraborty, PhD

Assistant Professor
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Shannon S. Glaser

Shannon S. Glaser, PhD

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Lih Kuo

Lih Kuo, PhD

Regents Professor
Associate Department Head
Director, Ophthalmic Vascular Research Program
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Brett Mitchell

Brett Mitchell, PhD, FAHA

Director, Summer Undergraduate Research Program
Director, Medical Sciences MS Degree Program
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Mariappan Muthuchamy

Mariappan Muthuchamy, PhD

Professor of Medical Physiology
Director, Cardiovascular Research Institute
Cardiac & Lymphatic Muscle Contraction; Mechanotransduction
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Xu Peng

Xu Peng, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
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Joseph M. Rutkowski

Joseph M. Rutkowski, PhD

Associate Professor of Medical Physiology
Director, Division of Lymphatic Biology
Lymphatic vessel biology and physiology; Lymphangiogenesis; Inflammation and immunity; Cardiorenal disease; Lymphedema; Lipedema
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Microbial Pathogenesis & Immunology

Zhilei Chen

Zhilei Chen, PhD

Associate Professor
Jenny Hyde

Jenny Hyde, PhD

Associate Professor
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Alistair McGregor

Alistair McGregor, PhD

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Kristin Patrick

Kristin Patrick, PhD

Assistant Professor
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Jon T. Skare

Jon T. Skare, PhD

Regent's Professor
Associate Head
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Jianxun Song

Jianxun Song, PhD

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Vernon Tesh

Vernon Tesh, PhD

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Van G. Wilson

Van G. Wilson, PhD


Cell Biology and Genetics

Carl Gregory

Carl Gregory, PhD

Associate Professor
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Robin Fuchs-Young

Robin Fuchs-Young, PhD

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Jason Karpac

Jason Karpac, PhD

Associate Professor
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Ryang Hwa Lee, PhD

Associate Professor
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Fei Liu

Fei Liu, PhD

Associate Professor
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Ashok K. Shetty

Ashok K. Shetty, PhD

Professor, Department of Cell Biology and Genetics
Associate Director, Institute for Regenerative Medicine
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Raquel Sitcheran

Raquel Sitcheran, PhD

Associate Professor
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Neuroscience & Experimental Therapeutics

Michelle Hook

Michelle Hook, PhD

Associate Professor
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Ursula H. Winzer-Serhan

Ursula H. Winzer-Serhan, PhD

Associate Professor
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Gregg C. Allen

Gregg C. Allen, PHD

Associate Professor
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Katherine Brakora

Katherine Brakora, PhD

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Paul C. Brandt

Paul C. Brandt, PhD

Associate Professor
Associate Dean for Academic Technology and Curriculum Innovation
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Wei-Jung A. Chen

Wei-Jung A. Chen, PhD

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Curriculum Management
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs - Temple Campus
Wei-Jung A. Chen's bio »
Cédric G. Geoffroy

Cédric G. Geoffroy, PhD

Assistant Professor
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Rajesh C. Miranda

Rajesh C. Miranda, PhD

Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics
Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience
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D. Samba Reddy

D. Samba Reddy, PhD, RPh

Regents Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics
Director, Institute of Pharmacology and Neurotherapeutics
Pathophysiology and New Drug Development for Epilepsy and Brain Disorders
Chancellor EDGES Fellow
D. Samba Reddy's bio »
Mendell Rimer

Mendell Rimer, PhD

Associate Professor
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Farida Sohrabji

Farida Sohrabji, PhD

Regents Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics
Department Head, Department of Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics
Director, Women's Health in Neuroscience Program
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Rahul Srinivasan

Rahul Srinivasan, PhD

Associate Professor
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Jun Wang

Jun Wang, PhD

Associate Professor
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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Adam J Case

Adam J Case, PhD

Associate Professor
R. Andrew Harper

R. Andrew Harper, MD

Clinical Professor and Associate Department Head for Clinical Care
R. Andrew Harper's bio »
John (Jack) M. Hettema

John (Jack) M. Hettema, MD, PhD

John (Jack) M. Hettema's bio »
Israel Liberzon

Israel Liberzon, MD

Distinguished University Professor
William and Dorothy Stearman Endowed Professor
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Shaunna L Clark

Shaunna L Clark, PhD

Associate Professor
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