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Texas A&M researchers study health and medicine from the tiniest cell to the social and behavioral determinants of disease.

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Hubert Amrein
"More than 300 faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and staff are engaged in a variety of research fields, from the study of basic cellular processes to that of complex diseases. We use human cell culture systems and several model systems—including insects, yeast and microbes—for experimental investigations. Benchwork is complemented with state-of-the-art imaging capabilities, high-throughput screening/analysis tools, bioinformatic resources and modeling programs. The research is organized mostly around six broadly defined areas and several centers and institutes. Faculty and research staff have several on-site College of Medicine core facilities at their disposal, as well as many additional core facilities.”

Hubert Amrein, PhD

Executive Associate Dean of Research
Professor of Molecular and Cellular Medicine

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$37,920,764 total value of grant awards. $28,376,728 Total research expenditures. $16,155,258 total research expenditures from NIH

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Mary Ann Wolff
Senior Administrative Coordinator

Stacy De Leon
Research Administrator,
Director Postdoctoral Services

Suzanne Zeitouni, PhD
Director Animal Facilities