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Research Focus Areas

Brain, Behavior, Psychiatric and Neurologic Disorders

Research related to normal neural development and neuro-developmental disorders, behavior, adaptation to injury and disease, psychiatric disorders.
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Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Research that explores the potential of somatic stem cells to ameliorate and cure a broad range of diseases.
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Cancer, Cell and Developmental Biology

Research related to the regulation of development, including processes dysregulated in cancer, such as control of cell cycle, cell survival and cell death; the role of innate and adaptive immunity in cancer and immunotherapy, molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer initiation and pathogenesis; metabolic dysregulation in cancer, lymphatics in cancer progression; and design and application of mouse models of human cancer.
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Cardiovascular, Lymphatic and Metabolic Disease

Research related to the investigations of cardiac function, blood vessel circulation of organs; lymphatic vessel physiology, lymphatic control of inflammation and immune responses; underlying pathophysiology of obesity, diabetes, aging, heart disease, hypertension, lymphedema, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney and liver injury, eye conditions, and cancer.
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Genetic, Genomic and Network Biology

Research using model organisms to study physiology in health and disease; quantitative, systems-based approaches to gain insight into the molecular, cellular and biochemical networks that underlie biological phenomena.
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Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

Research related to infection and subsequent host response; innate and adaptive immunity; inflammatory responses; genetic evaluation of virulence that affect colonization of tissues and systems; disease pathologies related to inflammation and immune dysfunction; e.g., diabetes, neurodegenerative disease; mesenchymal stem cells differentiation for immune function and wound healing.
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