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Created to Serve

We were created to boldly serve. For more than 40 years, this mission has not wavered. Our purpose is to treat those among us with the greatest need, and in areas often forgotten by others. We’re challenging age-old beliefs about how medicine is delivered, where it’s delivered. Connected by our values and staunch desire to do more, we’re leading the way for a better future for all.

Areas of Excellence

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Rural Medicine

We’re bringing health care where it’s needed most. Through our keen focus on rural populations and innovative care delivery, we’re eliminating health disparities throughout Texas.

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Military Medicine

We are expanding Texas A&M University’s rich legacy of military service by developing physicians who will be future thought leaders in the fields of aerospace medicine, veterans’ health, and military medical operations and translational research.



We make the impossible, possible—by creating systems and technologies that address health care’s greatest challenges, and bringing together the brightest minds in health care and engineering.

Serving those who serve

By serving those who have served us, we’re improving military medicine. We’re discovering the next generation of physicians and scientists with an unmatched heart of service and the dedication and vision to reinvent health care in the 21st century.

Designed for impact

We are at the heart of Texas’ most comprehensive health science center, and as such we are able to capitalize on the strength of inter-professional education and the research power of Texas A&M University.

With five locations across Texas, including an ever-expanding presence in the Texas Medical Center and with Houston Methodist Hospital, our faculty and students have the opportunity to impact medicine from the big town, to the small town, and everywhere in between.

Shape of Texas.

              School of Medicine campus locations in Bryan, College Station, Dallas, Houston, Round Rock and Temple.

Transforming medicine through innovation

New solutions require a new way of thinking. This means reevaluating how we educate students, bringing different disciplines together and creating new spaces that foster creativity and innovation. Through technology -supported innovation, we’re on the forefront of the next medical revolution. Steeped in tradition and united by values, together we make the impossible, possible.

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Bringing it home

We take pride in producing excellent physicians who care for their communities and increase access to health care. We believe medicine and technology can find real solutions in health care. We believe in excellent health care for everyone, and we believe in finding the next generation of physicians and scientists to make this possible.