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Humanities in Medicine

About Humanities in Medicine

Humanities in Medicine, founded at the inception of the college, is a charter department in the College of Medicine.

The mission of the Department of Humanities in Medicine is to apply the humanities to the human condition through education, research and service.

In the process, we will enhance/instill respect for history, traditions and diverse heritage of our patients and fellow professionals. We will do this by focusing on these core set of attributes:

  • Ethics
  • Altruism
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Caring
  • Compassion
  • Communication
  • Excellence in Scholarship
  • Respect


Patricia Watson, MD, Head
Department of Humanities & Instructional Assistant Professor

Mark Sicilio, MD, Vice Head
Assistant Professor

Amina Alikhan, MD,
Clinical Assistant Professor

Craig Borchardt, PhD
Assistant Professor

Rania Cannaday, MD,
Assistant Dean Academic Affairs

Michael Dewsnap, PhD

Danielle Dickey, EdD,
Director of Educational Affairs & Accreditation

Nancy W. Dickey, MD,
Joint Professor

Christopher Diem, PhD,
Assistant Professor

Mark Faries, PhD,
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Jose Florez Arango, MD, PhD
Associate Professor

Barbara Gastel, MD
Joint Professor

Angela Hairrell, PhD,
Assistant Professor

Marcy Halterman-Cox, MPH, JD, DC,
Clinical Assistant Professor

Chelsea Knutson, BSN, RN

Dianne Kraft, PhD,
Instructional Assistant Professor

Jerry Livingston, PhD, RN
Director of Clinical Skills

Gül Russell, PhD

Michael Schwartz, MD,
Joint Professor

Larry Smith, MDiv.,
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Karen Wakefield, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor

Bobbie Ann White, EdD, MA
Adjunct Assistant Professor