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Medical Spanish Program

About Medical Spanish Program

This elective introduces several levels of knowledge of medical Spanish that range from novice speakers to advanced speakers. Vocabulary and interactive medical cases are used to enhance communication skills with Spanish-speaking patients, their families, other health care providers and society.

This elective will provide instruction to introduce and develop the linguistic and cultural skills necessary to facilitate basic communication and negotiate a number of primary difficulties posed by an English-Spanish language barrier between patients and providers.

Prerequisites: Enrollment in Texas A&M University School of Medicine.


Heidy B. Frias MD
Program Director
Instructional Assistant Faculty
Department of Humanities in Medicine

Contact for Enrollment

Sharon Alderete
Assistant Director,
Department of Humanities in Medicine



  • Spanish and the Medical Interview, second edition. Author: Pilar Ortega M.D.
  • Spanish and the Medical Interview Clinical Cases and Exam Review. Author: Pilar Ortega M.D. Marco A. Aleman M.D. FACP.
  • Spanish for Health Care Professionals,4th Edition by William C. Harvey, M.S. ISBN-13: 978-1438006949 ISBN-10: 1438006942
  • Spanish for Health Care Providers, Practical Medical Spanish for Quick and Confident Communication,3rd edition, McGraw-Hill, Joanna Rios, Jose Torres, Tamara Rios ISBN: 978-0-07-184217-4

Medical Spanish Program Faculty

Heidy B. Frias Ferreira (Instructor)

Fabiola Saldivar (Instructor)