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History of Battlefield Medicine

Battlefield Medicine Course Elective

The overall objective of the History of Battlefield Medicine is for students to immerse themselves in the history of battlefield medicine and reflect on the history as well as modern advances in military medicine. In addition, participants will gain an understanding of how advances in battlefield medicine have brought about changes in the practice of civilian medicine.

History of Battlefield Medicine – France

The elective will start in January of 2024 and the proposed dates for the trip are June 2-12, 2024 (subject to change).

This student-initiated elective introduces the student to the history of battlefield medicine in France. There is a field trip to Paris and Normandy, France as part of the course. This is an opportunity for participants to visit historical museums and battlegrounds, complete assignments on location, learn about the history of battlefield medicine during World War II.

The History of Battlefield Medicine – France is an exciting 10-day field trip to Paris and Normandy to visit important battlefields and historic sites from World War II. Locations to be visited include Bayeux Cathedral, Bayeux Tapestry, Longues-sur-Mer, Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc, La Cambe German War Cemetery, La Fiere Bridge and Museum, Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, Angoville Au-Plain, St. Mère Église, Utah Beach, Atlantic Bunker, Pegasus Bridge, Arromanches, 360 Museum, and possibly more. There will be group dinners and guided transportation. Accommodations will be 3- and 4- star vetted by trip leaders.

Anticipated trip fees (airfare not included):
1-12 participants: $4950
13-24 participants: $4650

Fees include:
* Transportation/Shuttle
* Lodging
* Group Meals

Deposits are due January 31, 2024


Karen Wakefield, PhD, RN
Instructional Assistant Professor

Sharon Alderete
Assistant Director