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Graduate Research Award

About the Award

The Graduate Research Excellence Award is given each year to recognize exceptional research achievement by a graduating PhD or MD/PhD student. The recipients will have demonstrated independence, creativity, and significant productivity in their graduate research with a high potential for success in a future research career. In addition, recipients will have demonstrated high standards in professionalism, scientific ethics, and contributions to the graduate program. The award was created in 2005.


  1. Must be a student receiving a PhD or an MD/PhD in medical science.
  2. Must have completed all requirements for the degree during one of the semesters in the 12 months prior to the spring commencement (summer, fall, or spring semesters).
  3. Must be nominated by their PI. Nominations are solicited each spring by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

Past Winners

Year Name Department PI/Advisor
2018 Ji Jing IBT Dr. Yubin Zhou
2017 Hui Zhi MPIM Dr. Skare
2016 Yanqing Huang IBT Dr. Fen Wang
2015 YuYan Han IMED Dr. Alpini
2014 Mary Weber MPIM Dr. James Samuel
2013 Joanne Damborsky NEXT Dr. Winzer-Serhan
2012 Colby Souders IMED Dr. Baudino
2011 Chen Chen MPIM Dr. Samuel
2010 Moo-Seung Lee MPIM Dr. Tesh
2009 Pratheesh Sathyan NEXT Dr. Miranda
2008 Danielle Lewis NEXT Dr. Sohrabji
2007 Saul Trevino MCMD Dr. Pace/Dr. Scholtz