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Graduate Instruction Committee

Committee Meetings

The Graduate Instruction Committee (GIC) meets the third Monday of each month from 2 - 4 p.m.


The Graduate Instruction Committee (GIC) has oversight responsibility for the conduct and quality of graduate education provided by the graduate faculty of the School of Medicine, including:

  • Curriculum review and development
  • Policy development
  • Review and analysis of programmatic data and activities

The GIC reports to and advises the Dean of the School of Medicine through the Chair. Recommendations of the GIC are subject to review by the Academic Council and the Dean of the School of Medicine.

Committee Members

Voting Members

  • Robert Carpenter, MD MPH – MD Plus program director
  • Julian Leibowitz, MDPhD – MDPhD program director
  • Jon Skare, PhD – Chair of Graduate Instruction Committee
  • Rajesh Miranda, PhD –Medical Science program director
  • David Huston, PhD- Director of the Academy for Physician Scientists

Non-Voting Members

  • Carol Vargas, PhD – Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Tejaswini Reddy – Student Rep for MD/PhD program
  • Farah Wazir – Student Rep for MD Plus program
  • Justin Keeney – Student Rep for Medical Sciences program

Committee Staff Support 

  • Pamela Williams