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Reporting Student Mistreatment

Student Mistreatment

The School of Medicine is committed to providing a positive, and robust, learning environment for students. In any case where a student experiences mistreatment from a faculty member, staff member or patient, the student should report the mistreatment. Reports of mistreatment or unprofessional conduct may be submitted:

  • Online using the Aggie Awareness Form
  • Reported to Student Advocates
  • Any School of Medicine Academic Affairs Dean or staff of the Office of Academic Affairs
  • Texas A&M University TELL SOMEBODY program
  • Department (clerkship director, department chair, campus dean if applicable)
  • End of course/clerkship evaluation feedback
  • Any School of Medicine Student Affairs Dean or staff of the Office of Student Affairs

When submitting a complaint of student mistreatment, complainants should consider providing their name and contact information. Complaints will be confidentially investigated, maintaining complainant anonymity to the extent possible. However, based on facts of a case, anonymity cannot be guaranteed. Anonymous complaints will be logged and investigated to the extent possible, however, without the ability to obtain additional information from the complainant/reporter, it is difficult to process such investigations.

Complaints submitted will be immediately directed to the Learning Environment Rapid Response Team (LERRT) and then promptly forwarded to the Executive Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs. The Executive Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, in consultation with the Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Executive Associate Dean for Student Affairs, will determine the nature and severity of the complaint in order to determine an appropriate resolution process (aligning with the School of Medicine Student Handbook).

The Executive Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs may convene an inquiry that could involve, but not limited to, the Executive Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Executive Associate Dean of Student Affairs. Individuals lodging complaints regarding student mistreatment who have provided contact information will be contacted in approximately two business days to confirm receipt of the complaint.

The School of Medicine internal policy for dealing with claims of student mistreatment is described in the student handbook primarily addresses student mistreatment involving employed School of Medicine faculty. However, a student may experience mistreatment from School of Medicine staff, affiliate faculty, affiliate staff, residents, students, patients, or others. These instances will be discussed in Section V and VI of Appendix IX in the Student Handbook

In accordance with Texas A&M University System Regulation 08.01.01 Civil Rights, Texas A&M employees must, and students should report any allegation of illegal discrimination, harassment or retaliation, to the Department of Civil Rights and Equity Investigations at the Texas A&M University Office of Risk, Ethics, and Compliance immediately upon being notified of the allegation. Employees who do not report can be subject to discipline up to and including dismissal, as well as criminal charges from the State of Texas.

Definition of Student Mistreatment

Student mistreatment, either intentional or unintentional, occurs when the behavior in the teacher/learner(s) relationship shows disrespect for the dignity of others as a result of inappropriate or abusive behavior on the part of the teacher that unreasonably interferes with the learning process. This behavior includes but is not limited to humiliation, belittlement, intimidation, psychological or physical punishment, and the use of grading and other forms of assessment in a punitive manner. If the behavior reported under this internal mistreatment policy contains allegations of illegal discrimination, harassment or retaliation, the School of Medicine will immediately refer the report to the Department of Civil Rights and Equity Investigations at the Texas A&M University Office of Risk, Ethics & Compliance for their handling and investigation under University Rule 08.01.01.M1.

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Student Mistreatment Process

Student Mistreatment Process

*More information on the appeals process for employed and affiliate COM faculty can be found in Appendix IX of the student handbook.