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Learning Environment Awareness System Description

Learning Environment Awareness System

The Learning Environment Awareness System outlines the approach of the Learning Environment Enrichment Program (LEEP) to increase institutional awareness of exemplary and concerning behavior in as close to "real time" as possible within the School of Medicine. Once a report is submitted, it promptly moves through a collaboratively developed process. In general, the reporting, or awareness, process consists of: 1) submitting a report; 2) the report is immediately directed to a rapid response team; 3) the rapid response team collaboratively, and quickly, determines initial actions (e.g., peer messenger); and 4) an after action report is submitted and looped to a larger committee tasked with monitoring the learning environment. Concerns that related to Title VII, Title IX, or risk, fraud, and misconduct are separate from this process and directed the pertinent departments at Texas A&M University and Texas A&M University System.