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Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is committed to providing state of the art, evidence-based psychiatric and psychological care, education, and research for the Brazos Valley and the central Texas community. The Department’s mental health clinicians and trainees provide exceptional mental health care and conduct cutting edge research to discover and treat the underlying biological, psychological and social/environmental causes of mental illness and brain diseases. We provide leadership in psychiatric treatment, education, research, and training to serve the needs of the community. 

The department is actively involved in research in the area of mental health disorders. Opportunities to participate may be available. 


Do you need help?

If you are in a crisis situation or medical emergency, call 911.

National Suicide Prevention Line

National Drug Helpline

Local Crisis Hotline

Upcoming and Important Events

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The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is currently treating patients through an outpatient psychiatry clinic and telebehavioral care network. The department has expertise in providing high-quality mental health services through in person visits and via long-distance technology, engaging rural communities in order to reduce mental health disparities. Through the upcoming Texas A&M Interprofessional Practice Plan, psychiatric and mental health services will improve behavioral health access, the health of Texas citizens and Texas A&M University students.


The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences advances our understanding of the brain-behavioral processes underlying psychiatric disorders and human behavior by engaging in basic and applied neuroscience and psychological research.

Education & Training

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences educates and trains the next generation of medical professionals, including medical students, psychiatric residents, and trainees in allied disciplines. Our participation in medical school education plays an integral role in offering the next generation of physicians in-depth understanding of biobehavioral aspects of medical care rooted in foundational knowledge of clinical neuroscience. Our residency program is committed to educating a next generation of physician-scientists responsible for the delivery of highest quality psychiatric care as well as neuroscience research in Texas. Our training program for allied disciplines (social work, psychology, nursing, physician assistants) embodies our commitment to multidisciplinary care as a key principle in behavioral health delivery.

Faculty & Staff

Meet our dedicated team members.

Telebehavioral Care Program

Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care provides the behavioral health expertise of Texas A&M School of Medicine to patients when and where they need it. Behavioral health care is the essential piece of the puzzle to fill the gap in better patient health outcomes. Appointments are conducted using secure videoconference technology to deliver mental health care services almost anywhere in Texas. Patients can meet with their provider on the phone, on mobile devices, in resource hubs provided in their areas, or in their own health providers’ clinical space.

For Information in Spanish: Para obtener información en español, seleccione esta opción, o llame al 979-436-0700 y seleccione la opción 8.

Community Outreach

Learn more about Community Outreach with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences