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Family Medicine Residency Faculty

Rae A. Adams

Rae A. Adams, MD

Program Director, Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Primary Care and Population Health
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Katie Blalock

Katie Blalock, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
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Amanda Bray

Amanda Bray, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
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Mark Frakes

Mark Frakes, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
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Kory Gill

Kory Gill, DO

Sports Medicine Fellowship Director
Clinical Assistant Professor
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Grady "Sam" Hogue

Grady "Sam" Hogue, MD, FAAFP

Interim Department Head- Department of Primary Care and Population Health
Clinical Assistant Professor
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Anna Lichorad

Anna Lichorad, MD

Associate Program Director
Clinical Assistant Professor
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Jason McKnight

Jason McKnight, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor-Department of Primary Care and Population Health
Director of Residency Recruitment-Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency Program
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Gabriel Neal

Gabriel Neal, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Primary Care Medicine and Population Health
Family Medicine Clerkship Director, Texas A&M Integrated Medicine Program
Faculty, Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency
Director, Texas A&M Health Family Care Clinic
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Robert Pope

Robert Pope, MD

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Susan Roberman

Susan Roberman, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
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Irvin Sabrsula

Irvin Sabrsula, MD

Assistant Professor
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Brandon Williamson

Brandon Williamson, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
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Meredith Williamson

Meredith Williamson, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor at Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency
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Part Time Faculty

Jennifer Friedman

Jennifer Friedman, MD, FACOG

Clinical Assistant Professor
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
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Joyce Hnatek

Joyce Hnatek, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
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