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Counseling Services


The Telebehavioral Care Program is committed to delivering counseling services to underserved individuals throughout the Brazos Valley. These services are often free due to local, state, and federal support, and no insurance is required. Services offered in English and Spanish

  • Individual counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Child/adolescent counseling
  • Mindfulness Groups

The Telebehavioral Care Program mindfulness group is a group where participants come together and learn techniques for relaxation and combating stress. We see a wide variety of presenting concerns including

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • And more!

All counselors are advanced practicum students in APA accredited health service psychology programs working under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. Since its beginning in 2009, Telebehavioral Care Program has trained over 80 doctoral students, served over 1,000 individual clients, and provided over 11,500 hours of counseling services.

Complete the Screening to See if you are Eligible to Receive Services

To receive services, please complete the form below. Please call 979.436.0700 if you have any questions or need support.

Click Here for Online Screening

Appointments are conducted using secure, video conference technology to deliver mental health care services from a distance. You can access services from home or from one of our partner sites.

Check out the map below to view our locations and get directions to service sites

We are currently able to serve Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson, and Washington counties, established Health For All and Texas A&M Family Care patients, and Texas A&M and Blinn students. We are currently unable to serve Brazos county residents who are not established patients or students of these organizations for individual counseling. We invite Brazos county residents to join our mindfulness group.


Telehealth Counseling:
What is it and is it effective?

“To date, no studies have identified a patient subgroup that does not benefit from, or is harmed by mental healthcare provided through remote videoconferencing. Recent large RCTs demonstrate effectiveness of telemental health with many smaller trials also supporting this conclusion.”

– American Telemedicine Association (Guidelines for Video-Based Online Mental Health Services).

Client Satisfaction and results at Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care (TBC)
  • 75% of all patients experience significant declines in depressive symptoms by the fourth session
  • 77% clients would have gone without services if the TBC services were not available to them
  • 90% of clients believe the care they received at the TBC was just as good as the care they would have received with in-person counseling
  • 98% of clients who would recommend TBC services to others
  • 93% of clients who believed the TBC helped them deal with their problems
  • 84% of clients who report TBC services were more convenient than traveling to the closest in-person mental health care provide
  • 96% of clients who rate the quality of TBC services as excellent

Telehealth psychological services have been demonstrated to be very effective. Our experience in telebehavioral health service delivery, policy relevant research and interdisciplinary training has demonstrated the efficacy of telehealth counseling and contributed to the body of peer-reviewed research.

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If you are in a crisis situation or medical emergency, call 911.