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Integrated Microscopy and Imaging Laboratory

About the Laboratory

The primary purpose of the IMIL is to support research progress and grant development by encouraging researchers to explore advanced imaging modalities and to incorporate them into their existing research programs.

The IMIL provides technical expertise and cutting-edge microscope systems to support the research of faculty and staff of Texas A&M University Health Science Center, Texas A&M University, and all other campuses. The IMIL includes six microscopy rooms, supporting facilities, and an image processing station.

Technical staff is available to train and assist with design, implementation, and analysis of experiments as well as assist in troubleshooting.


In-house equipment demonstrations/workshops will be provided in order to illustrate the capabilities and potential applications of the Core Instrumentation. Workshops for introducing new equipment to the users’ community will also be organized as needed.

Training sessions will be organized by the facility manager on an as-needed basis.

The normal procedure for initiating the use of IMIL instrumentation is as follows:

  1. Interested investigators will contact the facility manager and/or facility director regarding the feasibility and design of their proposed experiments.
  2. The investigator and the facility manager will schedule a preliminary experiment.
  3. The investigator and the facility manager and/or facility director will then consult to plan the costs and time frame of additional experiments and to determine the role (if any) of the technical personnel in the project.
  4. After the appropriate training and checkout, the experiments can then be conducted by the investigator or by members of his/her research group.

Competency checkouts will be required for the solo operation of all shared instrumentation.  This will assure other users of the IMIL that care, calibration, and maintenance of the instruments meet the highest standards.  Approvals for the solo operation will always be at the discretion of the facility manager and/or facility director. NO TRAINING WILL BE provided WITHOUT PRIOR LASER SAFETY TRAINING CERTIFICATION.  The laser safety training is offered by Texas A&M Environmental Health and Safety, Radiological Safety ( A copy of the completion certificate must be emailed to the facility manager for record-keeping.


The online scheduling calendars for IMIL core equipment is hosted by the TAMU Outlook. Users can access the IMIL calendars through their Outlook email client on their computer or by visiting with a web browser. Users sign in with their TAMU email addresses and add the calendar to their TAMU calendars. Instructions on how to add IMIL calendar (PDF). Once users have completed training, they will be given editing access to the calendar. If the user does not have a TAMU email address, the calendar can be reserved by contacting Dr. Malea Murphy at Scheduling for using the microscopes (including after-hours and weekend use) can be done up to but not exceeding 4 weeks in advance. Microscopes availability will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Double booking of a time slot is not allowed. Researchers should estimate the scheduled time as accurately as possible.

Users MUST sign in and out of the instrument by using the log sheets present in each room at the start and end of use time. Billing will be done according to this log and the online scheduling calendar.

Schedules are subject to rearrangement by the facility director and facility manager, if necessary. The facility will use 4 hours a week for the development and maintenance of each instrument.

A user may cancel scheduled time without charge if the cancellation is done at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled time. To cancel reservations, email Dr. Malea Murphy at


Core Equipment Rate/Hour Outlook Calendar Name
Olympus Flouview: 3000 Confocal Microscope $30/Hour IMIL-Olympus FV3000 confocal
Olympus VS-120 Slide Scanner $20/Hour IMIL-SlideScanner
Leica AOBS SP2 Confocal Microscope $20/Hour IMIL-LeicaSP2 confocal
NanoFluor II Integrated Microscope System $20/Hour

IMIL-Spinning-Disk FastScan

Technical Support    




Technical Support (Training)        

Free to users none
Image Analysis Computer Free to users IMIL-ImageAnalysis
Histology Laboratory Free to users IMIL-Histology
Cell Culture Laboratory Free to users IMIL-Cell Culture
Tissue Prep Laboratory Free to users IMIL-Tissue Prep

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Andreea Trache, PhD
Facility Director

Malea Murphy, PhD
Facility Manager