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Facilities & Equipment

 Cell Biology and Genetics Lab Facilities

Most of the equipment needed for carrying out research in molecular and cellular medicine is available in labs in the department and is itemized in the web home pages of individual faculty. Additional common equipment includes:

  • MALDI mass spectrometer
  • SLM-Aminco 8100 photon counting spectrofluorometer
  • Silicon Graphics workstations
  • phosphorimagers
  • ultracentrifuges
  • FPLC equipment
  • scintillation counter
  • gamma counter
  • UV-VIS spectrophotometers
  • PCR machines
  • scanning densitometers
  • digital camera
  • emergency ultracold (-80oC ) freezer
  • cold and warm rooms
  • cell and tissue culture facility
  • BL2 facility

Terminals located in the laboratories are linked by ethernet connections to a variety of connections on the Texas A&M University campus. The GCG package and other software are available for the analysis of DNA and polypeptide sequences.