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People at Institute for Regenerative Medicine


Darwin J. Prockop, PhD
Professor, Director of Institute for Regenerative Medicine Mesenchymal stem cells' therapeutic benefits for brain injury, epilepsy, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease

Ashok K. Shetty, PhD
Professor, Associate Director, Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Enhancing brain function after injury, disease or aging

Carl Gregory, PhD
Associate Professor
Biology of mesenchymal stem cells and their relation to bone healing

Fei Liu, PhD
Associate Professor
Mesenchymal stem cells' roles in growth and metastasis of cancer; Application of MSCs for cancer treatment

Ryang-Hwa Lee, PhD
Assistant Professor, Institute of Regenerative Medicine
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of therapeutic effects of mesenchymal stem cells

Roxanne Reger, MS
Assistant Professor

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Hai, Bo, DDS, MD
(979)-436-9646, Room 362

Kim, Hyemee, PhD
(979)-436-9669, Room 224

Kodali, Maheedhar, PhD
(979)-436-9657, Room 201

Leelavathi Narayana, Madhu, PhD
(979)-436-9660, Room 201

Liu, Qisong, PhD
(979)-436-0969, Room 224

Milutinovic, Bojana, PhD
(979)436-0659, Room 224

Upadhya, Raghavendra, PhD
(979)-436-9659, Room 201

Zeitouni, Suzanne, PhD
(979)-436-9648, Room 228

Zhao, Qingguo, PhD
(979)-436-9646, Room 362

Research Assistants

Attaluri, Sahithi, M. Pharm
(979)-436-9672, Room 240

Rao, Xiaolan
979-436-9656, Room 364

Vogel, Andrew, Room 240

Zahabiyon, Mahla, MS
(979)436-9681, Room 224

Senior Research Associates

Melissari, Laila, MS
(979)-436-9655, Room 201

Shuai, Bing, MD
979-436-9656, Room 364

Laboratory Technicians

Han, Kun Hee
(979)-436-0877, Room 224

Graduate Student Research Assistant

McNeill, Eoin
(979)-436-9651, Room 426A

Pan, Simin
(979)-436-9652, Room 426A

Support Staff

Garcia, Cynthia
Business Administrator I
(979)-436-0509 or ext 60509, Room 228

Olokode, Moji, M.Ed.
Administrative Assistant
(979)-436-9650, Room 228