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Research Advisory Committee

  • 2020-2021 Chair: Vytas Bankaitis, PhD
  • Committee Staff Support: Stacy De Leon


The Committee will advise the Dean on all matters pertaining to the effectiveness, efficiency, and excellence of research including:

  • Policy and procedures on space allocation, bridge funding, and other issues as requested by the COM administration;
  • Program development, including graduate student (in collaboration with the Graduate Instruction Committee) and postdoctoral training programs;
  • Resource allocation and budgeting, including college-level IDCs, salary savings, and core facility policy;
  • Review of proposals for internal funding, internal pilot grants, bridge funding, and external submission-limited funding; and
  • Fostering and review of research awards and award nominations.

The Chair shall appoint task-oriented subcommittees as needed to address specific issues and/or ongoing research-related functions.  Subcommittees may be required to meet more frequently than the parent committee to accomplish their charge.  Subcommittees shall report to the full Committee at called meetings or as frequently as needed.