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Faculty Senate Caucus

About Faculty Senate Caucus

As the Texas A&M University Faculty Senate Constitution states, “A university’s foundation is its faculty. Therein lies the knowledge, the commitment to learning, and the source of constructive progress upon which universities rest. The interests of students, scholarship and society are best served when the faculty brings its special talents to bear through cooperative participation in the governance of the university.”

The Texas A&M School of Medicine Faculty Senate Caucus is a mechanism for the School of Medicine faculty, staff and students to communicate suggestions to the Texas A&M University Faculty Senate, which participates in the shared governance of Texas A&M University and reports directly to the president of Texas A&M University. No Texas A&M University officer or body shall exercise control over the senate’s recommendations.

School of Medicine senators are elected by the college’s faculty. They can be peer- or self-nominated from all campuses, as enumerated in the constitution.

If you would like to make suggestions, address concerns or submit questions, we welcome your contacting the designated senators as listed. You may also submit anonymous questions or comments through PollEverywhere. The Faculty Senate Caucus and the Faculty Advisory Committee, which also contains elected representatives, jointly run a monthly faculty meeting linked to all campuses on the first Tuesday of every month, which welcomes attendance and questions by all faculty, staff and students and, after which, a social reception follows.

To read the Texas A&M Faculty Senate constitution outlining the functions, policies, organizational structure and opportunities to participate in serving in the senate, please visit here.

Further, for general information on the Texas A&M Faculty Senate, please visit


Gregg Allen
Gregg C. Allen, PhD

Associate Professor, Neuroscience & Experimental Therapeutics
Medical Research and Education Building I, Room 2002
8447 Riverside Pkwy, Bryan, TX 77807
Phone: 979.436.0329 | Fax: 979.436.0086

David Earnest
David J. Earnest, PhD
Professor, Neuroscience & Experimental Therapeutics
Executive Member of Center for Biological Clocks Research
Medical Research & Education Building I
8447 Riverside Pkwy Bryan, TX 77807
Phone: 979.436.0328
Julian Leibowitz
Julian Leibowitz, PhD

Professor, Microbial Pathogenesis & Immunology
Director of MD/PhD Program
Medical Research & Education Building II, Room 3224C
8447 Riverside Pkwy, Bryan, TX 77807
Phone: 979.436.0313 | Fax: 979.436.9038

Darlene McLaughlin
Darlene McLaughlin, MD

Associate Clinical Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
Clinical Building I, Suite 1400
8441 Riverside Parkway, Bryan, TX 77807
Phone: 979.774.8200 | Fax: 979.776.6905

Rajesh Miranda
Rajesh Miranda, PhD

Professor, Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics
Medical Research & Education Building I
8447 Riverside Pkwy, Bryan, TX 77807
Phone: 979.436.0332 | Fax: 979.436.0086

Raquel Sitcheran
Raquel Sitcheran, PhD

Associate Professor, Molecular & Cellular Medicine
Medical Education Research Building II, Room 4348
8447 Riverside Pkwy, Bryan, TX 77807
Phone: 979.436.4348 | Fax: 979.436.9293

Mark Sicillio, MD
Mark Sicilio, MD
Caucus Leader

Assistant Clinical Professor, Primary Care & Population Health and Humanities in Medicine
Clinical Building I, Room 2529
8441 Riverside Parkway, Bryan, TX 77807
Phone: 979.324.6767 | Fax: 979.436.0083