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Faculty Advisory Committee

  • 2022-2023 Chair: Vincent VanBuren, PhD
  • 2022-2023 Vice Chair: Fen Wang, PhD
  • Committee Staff Support: Darcy Jones


The Faculty Advisory Committee shall review recommendations relating to the origination, modification, or deletion of policies of the School of Medicine. 

It shall be responsible for: 

  1. Reviewing the Dean's annual plan for the College;
  2. Periodically evaluating the governance mechanisms of the College and rendering periodic reports to the Dean on the effectiveness of these processes;
  3. Drafting of appropriate changes in the Bylaws for approval by the Academic Council;
  4. Forwarding to the Dean proposed agenda items for meetings of the General Faculty;
  5. Serving as a forum for the arbitration of disputes relating to management of the General Faculty of the School of Medicine;
  6. Carrying out such tasks as may be assigned to the Committee by the College Academic Council and the University Faculty Senate caucus of the School of Medicine;
  7. Distributing the agendas and minutes of Academic Council meetings to the individual departments; and
  8. Selecting a representative from the General Faculty of the School of Medicine to serve on the Executive Committee,

The Chair of the Committee may appoint subcommittees for review of specific material.  These subcommittees shall report to the Committee.  Deliberations of the Committee shall be initiated in response to requests by members and committees of the faculty of the College and University Faculty Senate caucus of the School of Medicine.