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Medical Scholar Research Pathway Program Peers Mentoring Program

PEERS Mentorship Program

The Office of Medical Research Education at Texas A&M University School of Medicine (MED) sponsors PEERS, a medical student to student peer mentoring program, that pairs medical students interested in academic medicine with fellow MSRPP peer mentors to promote life-long learning skills and share helpful advice on how to advance in understanding biomedical research.

The PEERS program is designed to make both students better academic medical researchers and it is well suited for medical students that envision a future in personalized medical practices, as 21st-century physicians.

PEERS directly connect MED medical students through regular monthly meetings, over an academic year, to talk about their personal insights on how MSRPP research pathways have contributed to their own understanding of biomedical research. Also, students will likely discover how effective communication, with both public and professional audiences, is key to advance their research and form collaborative interprofessional partnerships.

PEERS Informational Packet (PDF)