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Office of Medical Student Research Education

The Office of Medical Student Research Education (OMSRE) supports the scholarly research learning experience through multiple educational resources, programs and events to promote life-long learning and advance medical research.

Medical Scholar Research Pathway Program

Texas A&M School of Medicine’s MSRPP is a personalized three-tier research program for traditional-track medical students to engage in scholarly research under the expert guidance of faculty or physician mentors. Medical students may choose to pursue a Medical Scholar Explorer (MSE), Medical Scholar Researcher (MSR) or Distinguished Medical Scholar Researcher (DMSR) pathway that fits their curriculum and prepares them for their desired competitive residency program.
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Peers Mentoring Program

The Peers Mentorship Program offers Texas A&M medical students interested in pursuing scholarly research the opportunity learn from other Medical Scholar Research Pathway Program (MSRPP) students. Through monthly meetings, pre-clerkship students establish one-on-one relationships—in a semi-structured program discussing research-related topics—with clerkship students who have previously participated in MSRPP pathway programs. Additionally, student-led workshops offer an opportunity for medical students to refine their scholarly research skills in a supportive learning environment.


Gloria M. Conover, Ph.D.
Instructional Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Education
Director, Office of Medical Student Research Education


Selina Nigli, PhD
Program Coordinator

Vicki Pilsner, MPSPM
Program Manager