cw2Our residency attracts about a 50/50 mix of married and unmarried residents. Of the married residents, about half have children. We have a strong spousal alliance group that is led by a third-year resident's wife and is handed off to another third-year wife each year. We have organized "girls' night" events about once monthly where all the female residents and male residents' wives/fiances/girlfriends get together for anything from coffee or ice cream to white elephant gift exchanges during the holidays to a relaxing afternoon where the kids can play together in one big backyard.  In addition, we also have numerous residency-wide events, both planned and impromptu. Our events include regular basketball games, volleyball tournaments, cook outs, birthday get-togethers, and movie nights. You can be as involved as you want in our outside-of-work fun. 

Bryan-College Station is a great place to raise a young family with great daycare options and public and private school systems. We have numerous clean and family friendly parks dispersed throughout town. We also have a Children's Museum and countless extracurricular activities for children. Texas A&M University also provides many opportunities for events of interest to residents including sporting events, theater, plays, musical events and religious and cultural support for any group you can think of. We are about two hours east of Austin and two hours north of Houston, thus giving countless options for activities either in town or out of town for your weekends off.