Rob Beckham, M.D.

Rob Beckham, MD

Hometown: Abilene, Texas

Undergraduate: University of Texas- BA Music, piano and music history 

Medical School: : Texas Tech HSC School of Medicine Lubbock

Medical Interests: Inpatient/Outpatient, EM, rural medicine

Personal Interests: Piano, Racing Quadcopters, BBQ

I love this residency because: Academically it has everything one could want- extensive full scope focus and incredible experience with so many procedures. Residents that graduate from here are prepared for anything! Culturally this program could not be better, we function as a team that advocates well not only for our patients but for each other. We are a close knit-professional family that enjoys each other. Supportively the program has an emphasis on resident wellness. Mentors/faculty and co-residents alike value each others’ well being including a focus on family. There is a vibrant social life among residents/spouses/kiddos.

Future Plans:  I’m still exploring my options! Right now I am hoping to do inpatient and outpatient medicine in a rural or town (population<150,000), with a few EM shifts thrown in. I would also like to do regular medical missions.

Landon Belcher, MD

Landon Belcher, DO

Hometown: Keller, Tx

Undergraduate: Harding University-biology major, chemistry and medical missions minors 

Medical School: : Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, Fort Worth, Tx 

Medical Interests: OMT, OB, geriatrics  rural medicine

Personal Interests: Juggling, unicycling, leather work, trying to get into golf and guitar

I love this residency because: the program trains you well in broad fashion and prepares its residents to practice in difficult areas. The residency is also very family friendly and allows for activity outside of residency.

Future Plans:  Practicing rural family medicine: Doing OB-GYN in a rural area. Providing full scope family medicine, ER, and Inpatient medicine.

Leah Buse, MD

Leah Buse, MD

Hometown: Mitchell, SD

Undergraduate: Indiana Wesleyan University, Bio Major

Medical School: University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine

Medical Interests: Women's Health, pediatrics, rural medicine, missions, tropical medicine

Personal Interests: Classical music, running, backpacking, rock climbing, trying new recipes

I love this residency because: I love the scrubs!!! (I really do!) But more seriously, I’m so grateful for the faculty and my co-residents, and our sweet facility. I look up to my faculty as mentors both professionally and personally – they have so much knowledge to impart. Our program is unopposed, and I love that we care for underserved as well as insured patients. We get amazing OB training, and the full-scope family medicine training allows us to be ready for practicing after residency whether that’s here in the rural US or internationally.

 Future Plans:  Practicing full-scope rural family medicine… not sure where yet!

Madison Cannon, MD

Madison Cannon, MD

Hometown: Demopolis, AL

Undergraduate: University of Alabama at Birmingham – Molecular Biology major, Spanish and Chemistry minor

Medical School: : University of Alabama at Birmingham

Medical Interests: Women's Health/OB-GYN, geriatrics, peds, endoscopy, rural medicine

Personal Interests:  music, running/working out in general, travelling, cooking

I love this residency because: The full-scope training at A&M allows you to pick and choose from what you like and don’t like in order to mold your practice into exactly what you want it to be.  I love that the program emphasizes training rural family medicine physicians and that they are extremely supportive of not just the residents but their spouses and families too.

Future Plans:  I plan to return to my hometown in Alabama to practice full-scope, rural family medicine. I would love to do a little bit of everything including having my own private practice, seeing my patients in the hospital, doing endoscopy/colonoscopy and possibly caring for expectant mothers and delivering their babies

Kayla Daniels

Kayla Daniels, MD

Hometown: Ottawa, Kansas

Undergraduate: Kansas State University – Major: Biology 

Medical School: University of Kansas

Medical Interests: Women's Health/OB-GYN, rural medicine, Endoscopy, procedures

Personal Interests:  Road trips, Gardening, Running, Family time, camping

I love this residency because: I initially was interested in this program because of its strength in providing broad spectrum training with a heavy emphasis on procedural training. I also love the hardworking dedicated faculty and residents. They are supportive and encouraging in both work and in life. I moved 10 hours away and feel right at home. Blessed to be a part of this residency program.

Future Plans:  Rural Family medicine including obstetrics and endoscopy

Caitlin Morgan, MD

Caitlin Morgan, MD

Hometown: La Grange, Texas

Undergraduate: University of Texas @ Austin — Major: Public Health

Medical School: : UT School of Medicine @ San Antonio 

Medical Interests: Preventative medicine, dermatology, women's health, rural medicine

Personal Interests: scuba diving, running/group work out classes, swimming, concerts, festivals, traveling

I love this residency because: of the people! The Texas A&M residency is the perfect combination of kind and hardworking people. We work hard and have high expectations for one another, but everyone is supportive, encouraging, and willing to do whatever it takes to make you successful. In the short time since I’ve been here, I know that I’m going to become a competent and well-rounded physician because of my fellow residents and faculty.

Future Plans: Outpatient practice in a small-medium sized town; short term medical missions

Paige Schmidt, DO

Paige Schmidt, DO

Hometown: Reeds Spring, MO

Undergraduate: Truman State University — Biology major, Spanish minor 

Medical School: Kansas City University 

Medical Interests: International and Women's Health

Personal Interests: Traveling, running, being involved in my church, yoga, baking

I love this residency because:

The training and the people! Which I know is what everyone says, but it’s true. I felt that by coming here, I wouldn’t be limited in what I could do in the future due to a lack of training opportunities. Expectations are high and you work hard, but there is always support and you’re never left to hang out to dry. People are super welcoming, kind, and supportive. The faculty genuinely care about both your professional and personal wellbeing and success. My co-residents are super awesome! I am so thankful to have landed into such an incredible, fun group of coworkers and friends.

Future Plans:  International medicine long term, hopefully practicing full spectrum family medicine with obstetrics. Until then, I am interested in working in an underserved area, particularly with a large immigrant/refugee patient population

Bernadette Tan, MD

Bernadette Tan, MD

Hometown: College Station, TX

Undergraduate: Texas A&amp;M University (Whoop!) BIMS major, Business minor

Medical School: : Texas Tech Paul L. Foster School of Medicine El Paso

Medical Interests: International medicine, Women's Health/OB-GYN, Peds, Procedures

Personal Interests: Faith, guitar, hiking, traveling, Hawaii, attempting to surf, anything & everything outdoors!

I love this residency because: Excellent unopposed, full-spectrum training plus stellar faculty and co-residents. I've definitely hit the jackpot. Being the only residency here allows for ample procedural opportunities and a truly, broad spectrum, training. Also I've loved getting to work with the demographically diverse population we serve both in the hospital and in clinic. Ultimately, I know I'll graduate the program with a solid skillset that will allow me to do whatever kind of medicine I end up wanting to practice.

Future Plans:  Still figuring that part out but in an ideal world I'd love to be doing full scope medicine (including OBGYN and Endoscopies) in international, underserved areas. 

Garett West, DO

Garett West, DO

Hometown: Lewisville, TX

Undergraduate: Texas A&M University — Biomedical Sciences 

Medical School: UNTHSC Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Medical Interests: Rural medicine, OB/GYN, Medical missions

Personal Interests: All things outside: mountain biking, backpacking, running, hunting, fishing. Also carpentry and welding.

I love this residency because: training to provide a full scope of care to patients, procedures, and support for residents and their family members.

Future Plans: Providing full scope family medicine to an underserved rural population and participating in medical missions internationally