The Family Medicine Residency Program has educational opportunities available throughout the Family Medicine Center Clinic. Eligible candidates include, but are not limited to, residents, fellows, physicians and the following students: public health, medical (senior and junior), nursing, physician assistants, and those from a variety of health care programs within the Blinn College system.

The Family Medicine Residency provides:

  • A high-quality, friendly and supportive learning experience
  • Extensive interaction with clinic staff physicians and residents who are enthusiastic about teaching
  • A unique training environment that has access to a diverse patient population
  • Access to an integrated electronic medical records system
  • Numerous and diverse ongoing didactic sessions to choose from on a weekly basis, ranging from core curriculum to research 

Reasons for choosing our Family Medicine Residency:

  • Completely unopposed
  • High-risk and surgical obstetrics
  • In-house endoscopy
  • Advanced procedures
  • Sports medicine
  • International medicine rotations
  • Rural emphasis

If you are interested in participating in any of these educational opportunities, contact Shana Batten or call 979.436.0485