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Distinguished Teaching Award

Distinguished Teaching Award

The College of Medicine Distinguished Teaching Awards recognize faculty that demonstrate instructional excellence through innovative and effective teaching and mentoring of medical students.

Two awards are given annually: The “R. Kelly Hester Distinguished Teaching Award for Basic Science Education” and the “Distinguished Teaching Award for Clinical Education.”

Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients

The faculty below have been recognized with the Distinguished Teaching Award for their dedication to education of the highest caliber.

Year Awarded Name
2020 Laura West, PhD
2020 Danny Little, MD
2019 Diane Chico, PhD
2019 Lori Wick, MD
2018 Curtis Mirkes, DO
2018 Rania Cannaday, MD
2017 Lisa Forrester, MD
2017 Kathleen Jones, MD
2016 Van G. Wilson, PhD
2016 Phillip W. Antunes, MD
2015 Gary C. McCord, MD
2015 J. Scott Wieters, MD
2014 Diane E. Chico, PhD
2014 Mark W. English, MD
2013 Christian T. Cable, MD
2013 Janet L. Parker, PhD
2012 H. Wayne Sampson, PhD
2012 Michael C. Smith, MD
2012 Robert M. Wiprud, MD
2011 Wei-Jung Chen, PhD
2011 Santosh Reddy, MD
2010 Rachel Bramson, MD
2010 Gerald D. Frye, PhD
2010 William Koss, MD
2010 David N. McMurray, PhD
2007 Kathleen A. Jones, MD
2007 Gary C. McCord, MD
2007 Sharyl J. Santema, MD
2005 Jose F. Pliego, MD
2005 Van G. Wilson, PhD
2004 George E. Davis, MD, PhD
2004 Moshen Shabahang, MD
2003 Alan R. Parrish, PhD
2003 Mark S. Sicilio, MD
2002 Wei-Jung Chen, PhD
2002 Robert M. Wiprud, MD
2001 John K. Blevins, MD
2001 Douglas K. Struck, PhD
1999 Gary C. McCord, MD
1999 Samuel K. Snyder, MD
1998 John B. Gelderd, PhD
1998 Charles W. Sanders, MD
1997 Samuel H. Black, PhD
1997 John C. Starr, MD
1996 Joseph W. Kraft, MD
1996 Thomas V. Peterson, PhD
1995 Marvin Cannon, PhD
1995 J. Ben Green, MD
1994 Donna L. Jermain
1994 Gary C. McCord, MD
1993 Charles J. Foulks, MD
1993 Steven L. Peterson, PhD
1992 William M. Chilian, PhD
1992 John L. Montgomery, MD
1991 Randall W. Smith, MD
1991 Douglas K. Struck, PhD
1990 Thomas H. Champney, PhD
1990 Marilynn Prince-Fiocco, MD
1989 Hung Che, MD
1989 Jerome D. Trzeciakowski, PhD
1988 John M. Quarles, PhD
1988 Arthur A. Trowbridge, MD
1987 Robert N. Barnes, MD
1987 Steven L. Peterson, PhD
1986 Victor E. Schulze, MD
1986 Jackson Wagner, PhD
1985 Jaime Diaz, PhD
1985 Kenneth R. Dirks, MD
1984 Richard G. Morgan, MD
1983 John L. Montgomery, MD
1982 David N. McMurray, PhD