TBL- Large Group Activity Day 1

  1. This activity will be conducted within the site campuses. The full set of instructions given to students is included in this packet.
  2. Have the students assemble into groups of 8-10 students each.
  3. The TBL is 3 hours total:
    • 2 hours for evidence review, synthesis, and preparation of communication materials
    • 1 hour for groups to “report out”
  4. After the period of collective information gathering and team consensus on data sources key messages, it is recommended that the groups divide preparation of the communication materials (e.g. 4-5 students for the interview, 4-5 students for the written press release).
  5. Suggested format for report out phase:
    • Interview: 1 student asks questions to a panel of 3-4 respondents
    • Press release: designated spokesperson presents press release
    • After completion of the prepared communications, the audience (other students/faculty facilitators) may ask questions of the presenting team
  6. The press release can be in a Powerpoint format (we are not grading them on polished scientific writing at this stage).
  7. The interview should contain comments on data sources used. Press release needs a citation/reference list. It is acceptable (and actually preferable) if the data sources overlap.
  8. Score individual students according to the rubric on the accompanying form. In any category, the average student would typically receive a score of “3.” Exceptional students may warrant a “5.” The intent here is to grade individual student performance within the team construct rather than collective team output.
  9. The primary objective is for students to find credible public data sources and work collaboratively to put together a coherent take-home message. This should be a fun activity; creativity (backed by appropriate evidence-no anonymous sources!) is encouraged.