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In the News

Faculty Awards

April 2021

Dr. Alistair McGregor awarded a new five year NIH (NIAID) R01 Grant totaling $2.3 Million (direct) to further his lab’s ongoing research into congenital cytomegalovirus. 

Feb 16, 2021

Dr. Samuel elected into the American Academy of Microbiology

Feb 2020

Jeff Cirillo elected into the American Academy of Microbiology

Jeff Cirillo named American Academy of Microbiology Fellow 

Jan 2018

Dr. Laura West selected as Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Fellow

Oct 2018

Dr. Helene Andrews-Polymenis named 2018 Presidential Impact Fellow

Nov 2018

Dr. Jeff Cirillo selected as AAAS fellow

Oct 2017

Dr. Zhilei Chen receives the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award


Research News & Publications

May 2021

Yuanjiu “Abby” Lei, MS, a 5th year PhD student in the West lab is the first author on a paper published in Science Advances.

April 2021

Sylvia Torres Odio, MS, a 3rd year PhD student in the West lab, is the first author on a paper published in The Journal of Immunology

June 2020

Dr. Samuel leads team testing COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates

June 2020

Dr. Jeff Cirillo leading a trial of TB and Polio vaccines against COVID-19

June 2020

Drs. Paul deFigueiredo and Arum Han receive a National Science Foundation grant to pursue the 'lab-on-a-chip' technology to rapidly identify antibodies for therapeutics to fight COVID-19.

April 2020

Dr. Jeff Cirillo awarded 2.5 million to fast-track COVID-19 Treatment

April 2019

Drs. Samuel, deFigueiredo and van Schaik awarded 14.2 million grant from DARPA

Sept 2018

Dr. Helene Andrews-Polymenis explores the undiscovered mechanics of Salmonella Infection

April 2018

Dr. Phillip West and Dr. Laura West work together to unlock the potential of Mitochondria

Aug 2018

Drs. Jon Skare, Magnus Hook and Sara Lawhon team up to investigate how Staphylococcus pseudintermedius causes infection

Feb 2018

Drs. Robert Alaniz and Arul Jayaraman explore the frontiers of medical engineering innovation

Dec 2017

Dr. Carolyn Cannon is engineering a better drug delivery system


Post Doc Awards

Oct 2020

Dr. Marie Southerland wins second place poster at postdoctoral research symposium


Student Awards
  • Haley Scott, Medical Sciences Ph.D. student, received a notice of award for an F31 NRSA Individual Predoctoral Fellowship from the NIH. Haley is a student in Drs. Kristin Patrick and Robbie Watson’s labs in the Department of Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology. Congratulations, Haley!
  • Yuanjiu “Abby” Lei, MS, a 5th year PhD student in the West lab, received an American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. The award will support her research to define how mitochondrial dysfunction and innate immunity contribute to chemotherapy-related heart dysfunction. Congrats Abby!
  • Alexandra Powell , a 3rd year Ph.D. student in the Skare lab, was awarded 2nd place at the Texas A&M 2021 IBT GSO Symposium for her talk entitled “Classical Pathway Inhibition as an Immune Evasion and Survival Technique in Borrelia Species”.  Congratulations Alex!