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David Gafford Gaby

1st Year Medical Sciences PhD Student

Introducing David Gafford Gaby, 1st Year Medical Sciences PhD Student

David Gafford Gaby

What degrees do you hold and from what institutions?

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Texas A&M University.

What excites you about joining Texas A&M College of Medicine for your PhD studies?

I am very excited to be able to start doing meaningful research in a field I am very passionate about. I am also happy to be joining the collaborative research environment at the College of Medicine.

If you could meet any scientist throughout history, who would you want to meet and why?

This is a tough one. I would probably like to meet Félix d’Hérelle. His ideas about phage therapy were way ahead of their time, and it’s very impressive that he made significant contributions to microbiology almost entirely self-taught, with only a high school degree.

Tell us something you are passionate about apart from research.

Apart from research, I’m really passionate about learning languages! I studied Mandarin Chinese as an undergraduate and hope to keep learning more on my own in my free time.