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Caleb Whiddon

1st Year Medical Sciences PhD Student - IBT Campus

Introducing Caleb Whiddon, 1st Year Medical Sciences PhD Student - IBT Campus


What degrees do you hold and from what institutions?

I earned my high school diploma from Business Careers High School and a bachelor of science from Texas A&M University Kingsville. My major was biomedical science and my minor was chemistry.

What excites you about joining Texas A&M College of Medicine for your PhD studies?

I am excited for graduate school not only for the research opprotunities and meeting new people, but also living on my own in Houston, which will be a first since my siblings will not be with me (I am a triplet). My brother will be in Austin working at the FDIC and my sister will student teach in either San Antonio or Beeville.

If you could meet any scientist throughout history, who would you want to meet and why?

If I could meet any scientist in history, it would be Nikola Tesla because he is often underappreciated and less well known compared to Thomas Edison, despite his contributions to the modern world, such as alternating current.

Tell us something you are passionate about apart from research.

I am passionate about gardening and plants in general. Gardening is a hobby of mine. I eventually want to experiment with grafting related Prunus species to create a tree with a variety of fruits.