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Wellness Resources

A message from Dr. Sulak about wellness during this time:

Physical Health

If you begin to feel ill, please call your healthcare provider prior to visiting any clinic. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is imperative that you speak with your healthcare provider first as they may need to take special precautions prior to you visiting the clinic. If you have health insurance, contact the insurance provider and obtain a list of in-network facilities to assist you during this time.

Students: Student Health Services is available for students to utilize during this time. A respiratory clinic has been established and is specifically for patients exhibiting respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, etc.). Students are still able to utilize the clinic if they are need to be seen by a clinician for non-respiratory issues. The general clinic entrance and the respiratory clinic entrances are on opposite ends of the building, and all health and safety precautions are being taken at this time. All students will need to be pre-screened via phone prior to utilizing SHS. All information can be found online at


Students, follow Rec Sports on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a variety of soon-to-be-released Strength & Conditioning At-Home Workouts and Exercise Techniques and previously recorded Group RecXercise classes. Starting Monday, March 30th, a new Group RecXercise class schedule will be released which will include all virtual classes available for live viewing throughout the remainder of Spring 2020 semester.

Faculty and staff, check Flourish’s social media channels on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, as they populate it with new programs, fitness classes, and ways to support and connect with each other.

Mental Health

Students, in addition to resources at the College of Medicine, you have access to services provided by Texas A&M Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS):

Faculty and staff, your College of Medicine Ombuds office is here for you. You can set up one-on-one meetings over the phone and via Zoom.  In addition, their office has a dedicated email:

If you have concerns, questions about resources or simply need a listening ear, please call or text Robert O. Carpenter, MD, College of Medicine wellness director, at 615-587-5913.


(On behalf of Tiffany Holland)

In the spirit of physical wellness, two of our Temple campus students (Tiffany Holland and Justin Gor), along with Dr. Carpenter, took the initiative to coordinate a virtual 5k charity event with Baylor Scott and White in Temple.  If you choose to participate, please be safe (e.g., social distancing) and abide by prevailing mandates.  This email serves as notification that you participate at your own risk.  Please see the email from Tiffany Holland below as the team would like to extend the invitation to the faculty and staff:


Howdy! I hope everyone is healthy and staying sane during this quarantine!

I'm really excited to share with you all a charity event I've been working on with the help of our own Justin Gor, M2 and Dr. Carpenter. We are putting on a Virtual 5k with proceeds going to the Baylor Scott & White Foundation COVID Response Initiative.

Proceeds go specifically towards: 

  • Specialized care and screening for patients
  • Advanced equipment and critically needed supplies
  • Financial assistance for healthcare providers, employees and their families

This is a VIRTUAL 5k, that can be done anywhere that is safe according to state mandates and to be completed between April 6-20th. The cost to participate is $20 and includes the T-shirt below (to be given out when safe and allowed by mandates). 

Please share with family, friends and any other running/walking enthusiasts! This is a great way to stay active and healthy while helping in the fight against COVID-19!

If you have any questions, let us know! 

Find more info on our Facebook event page:

Register here:

Enter your race times here (AFTER completing the 5k):

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