Neuropathology Illustrated
Jeannette J. Townsend, M.D.
Edward C. Klatt, M.D.
Degenerative Diseases Demyelinating Diseases Developmental Diseases
Infectious Diseases Metabolic Diseases Muscle Diseases
Neoplastic Diseases Peripheral Nerve Perinatal Diseases
Phacomatoses Traumatic Disorders Vascular Diseases

Neuroanatomy Tutorial


Index of Images

This resource is an illustrated guide to gross, microscopic, and radiographic findings seen in a variety of diseases affecting the central nervous system and skeletal muscle. Tutorials for review of normal neuroanatomic and radiographic structures are included. The disease processes are arranged by subcategories. Click on a subcategory in the table above to view a submenu of images arranged by disease. A text description accompanies each image.
This resource is designed for students and workers in the health care sciences studying pathology. It is not a comprehensive guide to disease. As such the information may not be sufficient to address specific patient problems and these should be handled by health care workers familiar with the specific clinical details relevant to the individual patient.
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