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Distinguished College of Medicine Alumni

About the Award

The Texas A&M College of Medicine Alumni Association is seeking nominations for the Distinguished Alumnus Award. The award criteria are met by nearly all physicians in the daily performance of their duties, but the award aims to honor exceptional examples.

Please take the time to carefully reflect on an exemplary physician from our alumni ranks for the nomination committee to review.

Guidelines for nomination and selection of candidates:

  • Distinguished in the medical profession
  • Demonstrates integrity, stature and abilities that will inspire students and other alumni
  • Has made important contributions to his or her community
  • Has made contributions to medical education as a scholar and teacher
  • Demonstrates pride in the Texas A&M College of Medicine and loyalty and interest are evident
Aggie rings with a stethoscope

Congratulations to the 2018 Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipients

Dr. Susan Rudd Bailey

Dr. Susan Rudd Bailey '78 '81

Dr. David Fleeger

Dr. David Fleeger '85

Dr. Randy Urban

Dr. Randy Urban '78 '82

Past Recipients

Dr. Mark Barhorst

Dr. Mark Barhorst '88

Dr. Jody Barnard

Dr. Jody Barnard '81

Dr. Richard Byrd

Dr. Richard Byrd '81

Dr. Amalia Cochran

Dr. Amalia Cochran '98

Dr. Craig Clanton

Dr. Craig Clanton '82

Dr. Jay Franklin

Dr. Jay Franklin '81

Dr. Alan Leifeste

Dr. Alan Leifeste '99

Dr. Darla Lowe

Dr. Darla Lowe '90

Dr. Jeana O'Brien

Dr. Jeana O'Brien '84

Dr. Paul Ogden

Dr. Paul Ogden '81

Dr. Robert Probe

Dr. Robert Probe '84

Dr. William Rayburn

Dr. William Rayburn '83