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College of Medicine Administrative Updates

October 2018: Update


It is with great pleasure that I announce that Robert Milman, MD, has taken on an expanded role with the Texas A&M College of Medicine. Starting today, Oct. 1, he will serve as assistant dean for Academic Affairs, Clinical.

In this role, Dr. Milman will oversee the functional integration of the clinical faculty at the five teaching campuses of the college. He is dedicated to ensuring an excellent educational experience for students on all campuses.

Dr. Milman has vast experience working to improve personal and institutional communication within medicine. He has utilized creative approaches such as applying the skills of improv theater to help physicians, health care providers, students and administrators become better health communicators. He received health communication training from the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. Additionally, he is the medical communication coordinator for Merlin Works, an applied improv company in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Milman served as a private practice diagnostic radiologist for almost 25 years with the Austin Radiological Association in Austin, Texas. He currently serves as a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Medical Education with the Texas A&M College of Medicine and as senior clinical adviser for the Center for Health Communication at the University of Texas at Austin. He presents regularly at local and statewide meetings on various topics related to health communication, diagnostic imaging, clinical decision support, medical litigation and risk management.

Thank you all for helping welcome Dr. Milman.

Amy Waer, MD