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College of Medicine Administrative Updates

March 2018: Dean's Update

Dear College of Medicine,

I am thankful for the dedication of 85 faculty members who joined me this past Saturday, March 10, to participate in our LCME strategic planning retreat. The day was dynamic and filled with creative ideas, passion, and positive energy. If you could not attend, please talk with your colleagues who did. You will hear about a remarkable sense of shared purpose, values, and optimism for our future.

The retreat started with a framing of our strategy.

Three working groups met throughout the day to focus on developing goals, strategies, and tactics to support excellence in our education, clinical and research enterprises. Dr. Amy Waer and Dr. Roderic Pettigrew led the education group, Dr. Steve Brown the clinical group, and Dr. Peter Davies and Dr. David Threadgill the research group. I am grateful for their leadership and for the engagement of all of the faculty members who participated in these groups.

The day concluded with presentations from each working group. Several ideas and themes emerged. This information will provide a foundation for our strategic plan. If you have questions about the presentations, please ask any of the retreat participants or the working group leaders.

It is our goal that the clinical, education, and research teams continue to meet to refine their findings as we chart a path to our future. There will be many more opportunities in the future to participate and we will rely on the efforts of all of our faculty, staff, and students to complete our LCME journey and to support our transformative goals. We are fortunate to have such committed and talented individuals to help guide the College of Medicine.

With gratitude,
Carrie L. Byington, MD