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College of Medicine Strategic Plan


Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of the people of Texas and beyond through excellence in education, research and health care delivery.


Our vision is to develop the innovators and leaders in medicine and biomedical research who will transform American medicine in the 21st century.

Cross Cutting Themes

  1. To be recognized as a top 50 medical school in research according to US News & World Report
  2. To enhance financial sustainability through diversified revenue sources
  3. To be recognized for supporting a diverse, inclusive, and equitable culture
  4. To leverage collaborations and partnerships benefitting all

Key Focus Area Section

Rural Population Health
The College of Medicine brings health care where it’s needed most. Through our keen focus on rural populations and innovative care delivery, the college eliminates health disparities through Texas.

Military Medicine
The College of Medicine honors Texas A&M University’s rich military legacy. The college aims to develop future military medicine leaders to advance healthcare delivery worldwide, leveraging this military experience and knowledge to be a leader in military medicine initiatives.

The College of Medicine makes the impossible, possible—by creating systems and technologies that address health care’s greatest challenges and bringing together the brightest minds in health care, biomedical sciences, and engineering.

Areas of Excellence

Clinical Goals

The clinical setting is the most immediate avenue for the College of Medicine to fulfill our purpose of providing transformative care to Texans. Utilizing our own practice sites and a select group of clinical affiliates, we provide excellent educational settings for our faculty, students and residents to learn and practice evidence-based patient care while creating new laboratories for clinical, translational, and health systems science research.

  1. Create a self-sustaining clinical presence that augments the College’s research, education, and community impact missions.
  2. Create a patient-centered clinical character for the College of Medicine to improve healthcare access, quality, and value for Texans.
  3. Create respectful teaching, practice, and learning environments for all clinical faculty.

Community Goals

Texas A&M University College of Medicine recognizes, and values, the breadth of stakeholders engaged in educating our medical students. We conceptualize our College of Medicine community(COMmunity) as concentric circles of our faculty, staff, and students; Texas A&M University; clinical partners; campus community partners; the state of Texas; the nation; and across the globe.

  1. Promote a culture of professionalism and excellence for all stakeholders
  2. Foster a climate that promotes diversity, inclusion, and equity while embracing cultural differences
  3. Enhance the college's impact on the community via civil, cultural, and clinical engagements through meaningful partnerships

Education Goals

Medical education is the thread that creates a singular vision for future and current students, researchers, alumni and practicing physicians. By impacting education and training at all levels, the Texas A&M College of Medicine fosters achievement of career goals and the transformation of health care. Our curriculum brings flexibility and individualization to the education process to create lifelong learners and bring better health care to all.

  1. Develop adaptive thinkers and learners
  2. Foster a safe and inclusive environment that is conducive to learning and teaching
  3. Create a framework that supports interprofessional education
  4. Expand educational offerings that meet the individual needs of our learners

Research Goals

Research and scholarly activities are essential for critical thinking and problem solving and serve as the foundation for lifelong learning. The College of Medicine works tirelessly to break down barriers to discover new ways to understand biomedical science, disease, and develop treatments through innovative technologies. From bench to bedside, we practice collaborative research and entrepreneurial approaches.

  1. Develop research programs that align with the College of Medicine, Health Science Center, and Texas A&M University and clinical partner institution priorities.
  2. Prepare our trainees to become innovators in biomedical research.
  3. Develop research programs that will improve clinical care with alignment of COM with clinical partner institution priorities.

Faculty, staff and students can view the detailed strategic plan here