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Student Subcommittee

Student Subcommittee Charge

The purpose of the Student Subcommittee is to partner with the Curriculum Committee in furthering the excellence of medical curriculum at Texas A&M College of Medicine. 

Student Subcommittee Goals and Purpose:

The Student Subcommittee meets twice each semester with the following goals:

  1. Provide a review of the student experience of current curriculum. Primary themes include:
    1. Identify and expand upon existing strengths in the curriculum.
    2. Provide student perspective on how the curriculum impacts professional development.
    3. Identify areas of inefficiency or inconsistency in the curriculum and suggest improvements.
    4. Identify those barriers to effective learning that are amenable to change.
    5. Identify important sources of frustration or disengagement for students.
  2. Obtain and synthesize student feedback to achieve #1 and as charged by the Curriculum Committee.
  3. Provide a communication link between the Curriculum Committee and the student body.
  4. Maintain regular dialogue with the Preclinical, Clinical, and Elective Subcommittees. This ensures that each subcommittee has an available student contact when needed.
  5. Student Subcommittee members will be available to serve on various task forces and subcommittees as charged by the Curriculum Committee.

Student Subcommittee Members

Specific Membership Duty

Current Member in Role

New Member in Role


Stav Cullum

Jaqueline Stoutin

Vice Chair

Jaqueline Stoutin

TBD by vote

Past Chair

Julie England

Stav Cullum

OEA Liaison

Sam Lyons

Brian Bertsche

OEA Vice Liaison



Preclerkship Subcommittee Representative

Brianna Basinger (Covin)

Caren Stuebe

Core Clinical Subcommittee Representative

Logan DuBose

TBD by vote: Nicole Prescott or Brianna Basinger (Covin)

Elective Subcommittee Representative

Ali Medders


Members at Large

Alex Lu, Arko Ghosh

Projected to be Logan DuBose, Ashmi Patel

Class of 2020:

  • Julie England, Temple (Elected Student Rep to Curriculum Committee)
  • Ali Medders, Dallas
  • Arko Ghosh, Temple

Class of 2021:

  • Stav Cullum, Houston (Elected Student Rep to Curriculum Committee)
  • Nicole Prescott, Dallas
  • Logan DuBose, BCS

Class of 2022:

  • Jaqueline Stoutin, Temple (Elected Student Rep to Curriculum Committee)
  • Brianna Basinger, BCS
  • Brian Bertsche, Dallas

Class of 2023:

  • Jay Young (Elected Student Rep to Curriculum Committee)
  • Ashmi Patel, Houston (EnMed)
  • Caren Stuebe, Dallas

Task Forces:

Curriculum Improvement Task Force Representatives:

  • Arko Ghosh M4, Temple Campus
  • Stav Cullum, M3, Houston Campus
  • Logan DuBose, M3, BCS Campus
  • Alex Lu, M2, Houston Campus

Communication Task Force Representatives:

  • Jay Young, M1, Dallas Campus
  • Caren Stuebe, M1, Dallas Campus
  • Jaqueline Stoutin, M2, Temple Campus
  • Brianna Basinger (Covin), M2, BCS
  • Logan DuBose, M3, BCS