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Pre-Clerkship Subcommittee

Pre-Clerkship Subcommittee Charge

The Pre-Clerkship Subcommittee is the body charged with leading, directing, coordinating, planning, evaluating, and reporting on the pre-clerkship blocks/courses. The Subcommittee is responsible for the following specific duties:

  1. Overall management of the pre-clerkship curriculum, including design, coordination, evaluation, and reporting;
  2. Establishing and periodically reviewing/updating policies that affect the pre-clerkship curriculum;
  3. Assuring alignment of the objectives, pedagogical methods and student assessment used in each block/course with the COM’s stated educational objectives and policies implemented by the Curriculum Committee;
  4. Monitoring of content and workload in each block/course, including the identification of omissions and unplanned redundancies;
  5. Evaluating the effectiveness and, where necessary, recommending necessary improvements to each specific block/course and the pre-clerkship curriculum as a whole to allow COM to achieve its stated educational objectives; and
  6. Documentation of the accomplishment of these tasks in the minutes of the Subcommittee meetings.

The Pre-Clerkship Subcommittee informs the Curriculum Committee of its recommendations.

Meeting occurrence: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month.

PreClerkship Subcommittee Members

Dustin Dubois, PhD Co-Chair
Foundations of Medicine 2
Bryan-College Station

Penelope Holland-Barkis, Co-Chair
Practice of Medicine 3

Thomas Peterson, Co-Chair

Brianna Basinger Covin
Student Representative - M2
Bryan-College Station

Paul Brandt, PhD
Endocrinology/Reproductive Science
Bryan-College Station

Rania Cannaday, MD
Round Rock

Don Chaffer, MD

Diane Chico, PhD
Foundations of Medicine 1
Bryan-College Station

David Earnest, PhD
Bryan-College Station

Jose Florez-Arango, MD
Practice of Medicine 2
Bryan-College Station

Lawrence Schiller, MD
Bryan-College Station

Travis Hein, PhD

John Hubbard, PhD
Medical Gross Anatomy

Steven Maxwell, PhD
Medical Student Grand Rounds
Bryan-College Station

Cindy Meininger, PhD
Bryan-College Station

Vincent VanBuren, PhD
Evidence-Based Medicine & Scholarly Research
Bryan-College Station

Patricia Watson, MD
Practice of Medicine 1
Bryan-College Station

Gregg Wells, PhD
Introduction to Disease
Bryan-College Station

Laura West, PhD
At-Large Voting Member
Bryan-College Station

David Zawieja
Bryan-College Station

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Pattern

Meetings held twice a month, usually the first and third Wednesday of every month.


Currently via Zoom