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Academic Council

Academic Council 

The Academic Council will provide a forum in which members of the Faculty Advisory Committee, representing the General Faculty, join administrative officers in deliberations calling for recommendations from a diversified, representative group.

  • Chair: Amy Waer, MD
  • Committee Staff Support: Marlene Nichols


The Academic Council shall discuss and generate recommendations on the following matters:

  • The process of the admission of students to the undergraduate medical education program and to joint admission to the undergraduate medical education and graduate (joint M.D./Ph.D. degree) programs;
  • Educational programs in the College of Medicine;
  • The process of student evaluation, both academic and disciplinary; and the selection of students for awards and honors;
  • The approval of candidates for degrees in the College;
  • The process of faculty promotion and the award of tenure;
  • The effectiveness and excellence of research;
  • The effectiveness and excellence of clinical care;
  • Academic organizational structure within the College, and the establishment and disestablishment of departments, institutes and centers; and
  • Continuous quality improvement activities;
  • Adoption of and amendments to the College Bylaws.