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Office of Research

About the Office of Research

The Office of Research supports and enhances the research programs of the COM faculty through a number of programs and core facilities. Specifically, we arrange the creation of grant advisory committees for all faculty who seek to maximize their funding opportunities from federal and state agencies, help to bridge gaps in funding, and encourage the pursuit of novel research programs by supporting pilot grant.

Our incoming and first-year graduate students can find extensive lists of faculty working in specific research areas, either to arrange opportunities for laboratory rotations or to find faculty for participation in their graduate advisory committee.

Faculty and staff can access the Office of Research materials on the College of Medicine Intranet.

The College of Medicine provides also research opportunities for Undergraduate Students. These opportunities include “Independent Study” research throughout the semester, research undergraduate assistantships, and the full-time, 10 weeks Summer Research Program, which prepares students from any US institution a preparation to pursue a future career in biomedical research.