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Business Affairs

About Business Affairs

The Office of Business Affairs provides customer service through leadership in the financial matters of the College of Medicine. Financial matters may include, but are not limited to Aggiebuy (Purchasing), Awards, Compliance, Concur (Travel), Contracts, Endowments, Gifts, Human Resources, Revenue/Payments, Payment Card, Payroll, Scholarships, and Time and Effort. The office is focused on administering TAMUS regulations, university policies and procedures to the faculty, staff and students, while committing to the growth and high performance of the College of Medicine. Let us be of service to you today.

COM Budget Timeline
TBD (late May or early June) PBA available to departments for an update
July 15 Phase II Begins – FAMIS Budget Module open for departmental entry
July 2 COM Deadline for PBA Changes
July 27 COM Deadline for Phase II Budget entry
July 28 Workday Merit launches for department entry
August 5 COM Deadline for Merit entry in Workday
August 25-27 FY22 Budget presented to BOR for approval
TBD Deadline for distribution of appointment letters

Business Services Resources

Compliance Resources


Staff Title Email Work Phone Number
Katie Giordano Senior Business Administrator II 979-436-0214
Lori Ellison Business Administrator III 979-436-0229
Haley Williams Business Administrator II 979-436-0319
Lisa Eubanks Business Administrator I 979-436-0855
Cynthia Garcia Business Administrator I 979-436-0509
Christine Greer Business Administrator I 512-341-4987
Paula McCarver Business Administrator I 979-436-0346
Tina Mendoza Business Administrator I 979-436-0832
Monica Ocon Business Administrator I 979-436-0359
Denise Joiner Senior Administrative Coordinator I 979-436-9102
Chris Smith Business Coordinator III 979-436-9141
Brenda Brown Financial Accountant I 254-724-4269
Peggy Schill Financial Accountant I 979-436-0257
Amanda Pelton  Business Coordinator II   979-436-0347
Jennifer Vivero Business Coordinator II 979-436-0317
Amy Griffin Business Coordinator I 979-436-0854
Sandra Reyes Business Coordinator I 979-436-0556
Amelia Rodriguez Business Coordinator I 979-436-9256

Human Resources Staff

Melissa Blake
HR Administrator

Mason Veach
Business Coordinator II

Tyler Johnson
Business Coordinator II

Nikki Ruiz
Business Coordinator II

To submit actions for processing by COM HR email

Department Adloc Chart

Department Code Department Name Adloc Business Contact Person 
2512 Associate Dean Round Rock 23128012 Christine Greer
2200 Clinical Science & Translational Research 23130040 Katie Giordano
2518 COM Department of Medical Education 23130081 Lori Ellison
2527 COM - Medical Student Research 23130084 Katie Giordano
 2526 Continuous Quality Improvement 23130080  Katie Giordano
2503 Deans Office - Business Affairs 23128003 Katie Giordano
2505 Deans Office - Deans Administration 23128000 Katie Giordano
2513 Deans Office - Faculty Affairs 23128013 Katie Giordano
2507 Deans Office - Research Administration 23130025 Katie Giordano
2522 Engineering Medicine 23128020 Jag Grooms
2514 Faculty Development - COM 23128018 Katie Giordano
2071 Family Medicine Residency Program - B/CS 23130064 Robin Fuller
2080 Humanities in Medicine 23123070 Cynthia Garcia
2060 Medical Physiology 23123150 Tina Mendoza
2030 Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology 23123075 Paula McCarver
2523 Military Medicine 23128021 Lori Ellison
2020 Molecular and Cellular Medicine 23123025 Lisa Eubanks
2010 Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics 23123000 Haley Williams
2525 Office of Medical Education 23128025 Katie Giordano
2510 OME - Academic Affairs  23128004 Katie Giordano
2509 OME - Academic Technology 23128050 Katie Giordano
2565 OME - Admissions  23159000 Katie Giordano
2517 OME - Diversity & Inclusion 23130069 Katie Giordano
2504 OME - Graduate Medical Education 23127002 Christine Greer
2508 OME - Graduate Studies 23125400 Katie Giordano
2516 OME - Office of Evaluation & Assessment 23159010 Katie Giordano
2560 OME - Student Affairs 23159001 Katie Giordano
2115 Primary Care Medicine 23123175 Robin Fuller
2123 Psychiatry Bryan College Station Campus 23123220 Monica Ocon
2511 Regional Campus - Bryan/ College Station 23128011 Katie Giordano
2502 Regional Campus - Temple 23128002 Loria Lynce
2005 Translational Medical Sciences 23123250 Jennifer Cain

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact in the Office of Business Affairs when I have a question on a specific topic?
Email central business affairs at

Who should I contact first with a Human Resource (HR) question?
Refer to the Human Resources website at
Contact COM Human Resources via email at

Who should I contact first with a Benefit question?
Refer to the Benefits website at
Contact COM Human Resources via email at 

Where can I find Time and Effort information online?
Refer to the TAMU website at
Email central business affairs at
Refer to the COM guidelines for specific details.

Where may I find a list of the Alternate Accountable Property Officers?
Refer to the FRS Department table in Canopy.
Send your question to central business affairs via email at

Who is the business contact person for a College of Medicine department?
Please refer to the Department Adloc Chart at the bottom of the Staff tab page to identify who to contact first for each unit with monthly payroll, time and effort or other business related questions for that specific unit.

Who is the business contact person for biweekly payroll in the College of Medicine?
Please email, if you need assistance with biweekly payroll topics.