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Academic Support Services


Angie Hairrell, PhD
Director of Academic Support Services
HPEB 1072
Phone: 979.436.0236
Provides academic support as students make their way through medical school.


Chris Diem, MEd
Associate Director for Temple, Dallas and Round Rock
MEC 409
Phone: 254.724.8814

Erica Chance, EdD
Assistant Director for Houston
WP 533A
Phone: 346.238.5124
Provides support to our Houston medical students to achieve academic success.

Mary Ellen Santerre, MS, MEd
Counseling and Development Specialist II
HPEB 1052
Phone: 979.436.0146

About Academic Support Services

The Office of Academic Support Services offers a variety of programs and services designed to enhance a student's learning at the Texas A&M School of Medicine. Angie Hairrell, PhD, Chris Diem, MEd, Erica Chance, EdD, and Mary Ellen Santerre, MS, MEd, assist individuals through one-to-one appointments on any learning or study issue, supplemental instruction and guidance for board preparation, and other related areas. Small and large group seminars are designed to provide an overview of proven strategies to prepare students for class, board exams and certifying exams.


1st Year Students

  • Test taking strategies and test analysis
  • Time management strategies
  • Skills for medical school success program
  • Expert skills program
  • Screen for learning disabilities
  • Stress management strategies
  • Regularly scheduled seminars

2nd Year Students

  • Step 1 preparation (Includes study calendars, one-on-one advising, check in's during studying)
  • Strength and opportunity reports after exams
  • Utilization of questions prior to block exams

3rd Year Students

  • Board and shelf exam preparation
  • Study skills for the clinic
  • Time management for rotations

4th Year Students

  • CV and Personal Statement preparation
  • MEID-805 Elective focusing on residency, personal finances and continued education
  • Course projects and papers
  • Board review preparation

Academic Navigator Contact Information

Ashley Winterrowd
Academic Navigator - Bryan Campus
Phone: 979-436-0216
Terri Toler, MEd
Academic Navigator – Bryan Campus
Phone: 979-436-0956
Elizabeth Stacker
Academic Navigator – Houston Campus
Phone: 713-441-1834
Rose Mastrangelo, MEd
Academic Navigator – Temple Campus
Kelley Park
Academic Navigator – Dallas Campus

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